No more harsh lines of black and white.

We are in the midst of an era where, more than ever, styles of music inherently blend into one another, and defining artists by genre is becoming increasingly irrelevant. Music is a vibe, a feeling, an emotion. It's the ambiance of sweat and heat from the bodies moving around you. It's the joint camaraderie you feel with a perfect stranger when you see your favorite artist live. It's the visuals, the entertainment, the undeniable instinct to move your body when you hear that intoxicating rhythm.

It is more than words can define.

AIt is our primary goal to evaporate the archaic, media-derived, categorization of music by genre. We aim to classify music by the feelings or "vibes" that they evoke.

Join the ranks of change and degrade the outdated group thought that pigeonholes artists into categories that can never truly define them.